Peter J. Fatooh
Real Estate Representative for Property Owners

Peter Fatooh will cut through the red tape

and get your property taxes adjusted and refunded
retroactively for up to five years!

• If you bought your home in the past five years, you may be overpaying property tax. The recession has devalued your property but City Hall has not reduced your property taxes accordingly.

• City Hall will automatically raise your taxes unless you and Peter Fatooh do something about it.

Reduce your property taxes with Peter Fatooh and put more money in your pocket with Peter Fatooh - he knows the process.

• Peter Fatooh has heard and decided cases ranging from ATT Park to the Transamerica Building to single family homes throughout San Francisco.

• He knows the inner workings of the tax assessment process since he was a member of San Francisco Assessment Appeals Board for 24 years.

• He knows how to reduce your inflated property tax bill
and will put money back in your pocket.

• You could be looking at thousands of dollars of refunds!

• Stop the financial bleeding now! You can beat City Hall with Peter Fatooh!


President, San Francisco Property Tax Appeals

San Francisco Native Son

Member of San Francisco Assessment Appeals Board, 24 years, 1984 - 2007

San Francisco Real Estate Board, 25 Years

$30 filing fee. No additional upfront costs.

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    “I’ve known Peter Fatooh for over 40 years and if there’s one thing I know about him it’s that you can trust him and you can count on him.”
    - Tom Hayes,
    Stonestown Area,
    San Francisco

    “We relied on Peter Fatooh to advise us on property tax issues with our property in Visitation Valley and he delivered.”
    -Norma Sandoval,
    San Francisco

    “Peter was of significant help to my wife and I when we needed assistance with property tax valuation.”
    - L.J. Simi,
    Inner Sunset,
    San Francisco
    “There’s nobody in San Francisco with more expertise in property tax valuation and the process than Peter Fatooh.”
    - Mara Kopp,
    Lakeside District,
    San Francisco

    “I rely on Peter Fatooh’s advice on property tax matters with regard to my investment properties in San Francisco. He knows the Property Tax Code."
    -Maurice Ladrech,
    Marina District,
    San Francisco

    “Peter Fatooh’s expertise in property tax matters was invaluable to my family and I when
    we purchased a
    home in the
    Sunnyside district of San Francisco.”
    -Mike Sheridan,
    San Francisco